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BR!NK is a wonderful student-run book review. My design for Issue 11 (2023) took their iconic exclamation point and used it as an abstract mark to frame text and guide readers throughout the 7 pieces. Look out for issue 12 coming this spring!

Consumption and Consummation (2023), as shown together in "The Host Will Let You In Soon" at the Yale School of Art Gallery in November 2023. As part of an ongoing study of the relationship between love and violence, these pieces include high-impact paint splatters over photos of teenagers kissing on beaches pulled from the U.S. Military Photo Archive.

Pulling from forensic science, poetry, and posts on incel forums, the four-part anthology Cyanide: The Age of Melancholic Extremism (2023) explores the link between social isolation and violent extremism, especially as related to problematic internet use. Bound with sharp, thick staples sticking out of the spine, the book itself doesn't let you handle it how you would want. Letting your guard down while reading might leave you with a scratch.

FOUR EASY METHODS TO MEET A CELEBRITY / Autographs From Personal Celebrities (2022) is a sarcastic multi-zine that momentarily redefines the criteria for being a "celebrity". After asking people I admire in my daily life for their autographs, I presented them as celebrities strewn through the text of a WikiHow article urging readers to construct their lives around fleeting encounters with pop stars and A-List actors.


Flyers with color variations from a campaign for a collection from the Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscripts Library that also included social posts, postcards, and a sculpture proposal (2022)

A cover graphic for a radio show about the internet (2021)

A portrait of actor Nico Tortorella (2019)

I was inspired to make this campaign for gun control after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in 2018, and its message has only become more relevant over time. I also made buttons and stickers using the same slogans and designs from these posters to distribute on campus. (2018)

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