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Hi! I'm Tilman.

I'll be graduating from the Yale Art program in May 2024 with a Graphic Design concentration and a religious, sculptural thesis project called This Is My Body. Currently, I'm looking for a position at a design firm or studio to get to work in September after I return from leading summer canoe trips. I'd love to talk if you have an available position!

What drives my artistic practice?

Humans are social animals. Our compulsion to connect is a great strength—and a most tortuous downfall. Interrogating this hunger for connection and collective search for meaning forms the basis of my work. 


I’m most interested in love and violence. Love as violence. The cruel optimism of affection. What it means to need. To burn and bleed. To kill in His name. To kneel and beg. To forget to close your eyes. To participate in the futile, mortifying ordeal of being known. 


I try to make people feel naked. Like I wrote their secrets on the walls. Like they tried to hide it but now everybody knows. Like they weren’t supposed to see this. Like they know they felt this once, but they’re not sure when. Ultimately, I want them to feel seen.

Feel free to connect at

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